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Every year I get on Dental CE Network and find Dental Hygiene courses to take. I can get on, quickly find the course I want in the city I want, and reserve my spot immediately. It saves me hours of time searching all over the web looking for what I need. Everything is in one place so I know I’m getting the best course at the best price. Totally worth the yearly subscription!

-Lisa, Dental Hygeinist, Denver

With my specialty I need to find CE courses that fit into a very specific niche. With Dental CE Network I can quickly find the right course and easily compare course descriptions, costs, and other details. When I book my courses I know I’m making the right choice. Dental CE Network has made it easy for me to advance in my career with their amazing search and compare tool.

-Joan, Periodontist, Long Beach

Dental CE Network is the ONLY way to go! If you’re a dentist, hygeinist, or other dental specialist you’re crazy not to schedule your continuing education courses in a fun city, plan your vacation around the class times and enjoy yourself! Every year I find the course I need in a place I want to travel, pack up the wife and kids and off we go! It makes for a great trip! Everyone is happy and it’s a great tax write-off! WIN/WIN!

-Adam, General Dentist, Salt Lake City

My wife and I look forward to traveling every year to our favorite spot in Spain. I just log on to Dental CE Network, do a search for the topics I’m interested in Spain and book the course and the plane tickets without a lot of hassle. It’s great to be able to travel with my wife every year and use it as a tax write-off.

-George, General Dentist, New York

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Best Way to Do a Family Vacation!

Smart Dentists know the best way to get Dental Continuing Education credits is to plan a vacation in the location you want to go (Hawaii? Florida? Europe?), go to and search for courses in that location! The whole trip can be a tax write-off and you can relax and enjoy yourself between classes. Or schedule classes during the first few days and enjoy sight-seeing with your loved-ones during the remaining days.

Dental CE Network makes it easy to find and compare courses in different locations worldwide in one easy-to-use interface. Plan multiple cities and courses in one trip!

Or if you already have a trip planned go to Dental CE Network and find out what courses are offered in that location during your stay and kill two birds with one stone.

Dental CE Network users are those dentists, dental specialists, hygienists, and lab techs who love to travel and always find the right courses at the right time in their travel destination.

"Yes! every year I renew my Dental CE Membership then I go online and figure out a way to plan a vacation around taking a CE Course. If we are not going on vacation then I just look at my schedule for when I am going to be out of town and see if there are any ce courses in that city to take advantage of."

- Dr. Yeager, General Dentist, Ann Arbor