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Updated:  5/1/2018

Summary Dentist

Renewal Deadline:  November 30th
Renewal Period:  2 Years
Required Hours:  50

State Mandated CE Courses:  CPR/BLS

Limits on Courses:  None Reported

Summary RDH

Renewal Deadline:  November 30th
Renewal Period:  2 Years
Required Hours:  30

State Mandated CE Courses:  CPR/BLS

Limits on Courses:  None Reported



Missouri Dental Board

20 CSR 2110-2.071

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20 CSR 2110-2.071 License Renewal—Dentists and Dental Hygienists

PURPOSE: This rule clarifies the license renewal requirements for dentists and dental hygienists pursuant to the passage of House Bill No. 970.

(1) Any person licensed to practice dentistry or dental hygiene shall renew that license every two (2) years. Every licensee shall provide the board a completed renewal application on a form prescribed by the board that shall contain updated information since the preceding renewal period.

(2) The two (2)-year license renewal period shall commence on December 1 and end on November 30. Applications for renewal shall be postmarked on or before the license expiration date, which is November 30 of each even-numbered year. Should November 30 fall on a Saturday, Sunday or legal holiday, renewal forms postmarked by the post office on the next business day will not be considered delinquent.

(3) Failure of the licensee to receive a renewal application shall not relieve the licensee of the obligation to renew the license and pay the required fee prior to the expiration date of the license. Deposit of the renewal fee by the board or the Division of Professional Registration does not indicate acceptance of the renewal application or that any licensing requirements have been fulfilled.

(4) Renewal, by statute, is contingent upon the licensee having successfully completed the mandatory hours of continuing education during the two (2)-year time block as specified in 20 CSR 2110-2.040.

(5) Renewal shall be contingent upon the licensee holding a current certification in basic life support (BLS) or advanced cardiac life support (ACLS), or certification equivalent to BLS or ACLS.

(6) Any dentist or dental hygienist newly licensed during the two (2)-year renewal period will be issued his/her initial license that will be valid until the end of that current renewal period. Newly licensed dentists and dental hygienists will be required to renew their license and pay the license renewal fee on or before the initial license expiration date to maintain the license in an active status. Continuing education requirements of new licensees are specified in 20 CSR 2110- 2.240(2)(C) and (D).

(7) Licensees will receive one (1) renewal license and, if requested, up to two (2) duplicate renewal licenses upon approval of the application for renewal. Additional duplicate licenses will be provided upon payment of the appropriate fee as specified in 20 CSR 2110- 2.170.

(8) The license of any dentist or dental hygienist shall expire if not renewed on or before the license expiration date. An expired license can be renewed at any time within four (4) years of the license expiration date by submission of a properly completed renewal application form, payment of the renewal fee and renewal penalty fee as specified in 20 6 CODE OF STATE REGULATIONS (1/29/17) JOHN R. ASHCROFT Secretary of State 20 CSR 2110-2—DEPARTMENT OF INSURANCE, FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS AND PROFESSIONAL REGISTRATION Division 2110—Missouri Dental Board CSR 2110-2.170(1)(C), and by providing the board with proof of having successfully completed the mandatory continuing education hours.

(9) In the first two (2)-year renewal cycle following the license expiration date of a dentist or dental hygienist, the mandatory continuing education hours shall be fifty (50) for dentists and thirty (30) for dental hygienists. In the second two (2)-year renewal cycle following the license expiration date, the mandatory continuing education hours shall be one hundred (100) for dentists and sixty (60) for dental hygienists. Continuing education hours earned for renewal of an expired license may be earned at any time during a four (4)-year period prior to the renewal application date. The board will not accept continuing education hours that were earned by the dentist or dental hygienist during that four (4)-year period if those same hours were used to renew a prior license.

(10) Any licensee who fails to renew his/her license on or before the license expiration date shall not perform any act for which a license is required unless and until the license is properly renewed.

AUTHORITY: sections 332.031, RSMo 2000 and 332.181, RSMo Supp. 2006.* This rule originally filed as 4 CSR 110-2.071. Original rule filed March 1, 2005, effective Aug. 30, 2005. Moved to 20 CSR 2110-2.071, effective Aug. 28, 2006. Amended: Filed July 11, 2007, effective Jan. 30, 2008. *Original authority: 332.031, RSMo 1969, amended 1981, 1993, 1995 and 332.181, RSMo 1969, amended 1981, 1983, 1993, 2001, 2004.