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Updated:  5/1/2018


Wyoming Board of Dental Examiners

Wyoming Dental Practice Act W.S. 33-15-101

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Section 9. Annual Licensure Renewal.
(a) Expiration.
     (i) All dental and dental hygiene licenses shall expire December 31 of each year.
     (ii) Unless a licensee timely renews their license, the licensee shall not practice after December 31.

(b) Renewal Application. A dental or dental hygiene licensee seeking renewal shall:
     (i) Submit a completed renewal application and payment of fee; and
     (ii) Verify current certification in CPR.

(c) Competency Requirement. After five (5) years of inactive clinical practice, an
applicant shall demonstrate competency by successful completion of regional clinical
examination or apply for a non-clinical licensure.