For easier use of the website, we have included some frequently asked questions on each search box. You may search with multiple search boxes for more specific courses.  For instructions on adding a course, CE Providers please see the following instructions.  If you wish to participate as a dental professional and a CE Provider, 2 separate emails and login accounts are required.  We suggest a private account as a dental professional and company account as a CE Provider.  The service is free to CE Providers to link courses on Dental CE Network. 

Instructions for Dental Professionals

Past courses are free to everyone to see how the Dental CE Network functions.  Future courses and conventions, online courses, and webinars are available only to those professionals with a yearly membership.

List View / Map View -  Users may toggle between the two views.  Pin points listed in the map view correspond with the courses found in the list view.   It will not show online courses on the map.  The amount of courses listed on a page is limited to 25.  Any more will slow the site down.  

Search Term - Any word the shows up the the course entry is searchable in this box. Spelling is subject to the CE Provider’s entry. We have also asked Providers to use the term ‘Outside United States’ for dental professionals looking to travel outside the 50 United States. If it is a travel focused course, we asked our providers to indicate with the word 'Travel' in the title.  You may find these by placing the word 'travel' in the search term box. In addition, we asked them to use the name of the country or territory where the course may be located.  

Providers - Here is a list of CE providers discovered by our research. We included whether they have been approved by the ADA (CERP), AGD (PACE), a state dental association or by a dental university. Each U.S. state has different regulations on what is accepted as approved CE courses. Most states accept those 4 approved organizations. All other courses are listed by as 'other'. Please refer to your state on specific rules and regulations.

Speakers - For best results please use the speaker’s last name. Results may vary depending on the consistency of the spelling of the speaker’s name by the CE Provider.

Topics - A variety of topics are listed to narrow a search. You may also select multiple topics if desired. Access to the site is also dependant on the level of membership desired. To make the site more cost effective for hygienists or lab technicians, we limited the number of topics accessible to those memberships.

In Person/Online - Default setting is both choices.  Courses can be narrowed down to in person courses or online courses. Online courses are not searchable by zip code.  However courses that can be taken online are viewable only to those with a member’s access.  Currently there are about 2000 online courses listed.

Zip Code - Search by postal/Zip code for courses within a 100 mile radius. Postal Codes of popular destinations within the United States and Canada are found here. Postal codes are necessary to make our map feature work. If you prefer to search by a specific city, use the ‘search’ box with the name of the city.

Price Range - ‘Varies’ usually indicates a convention where the price may differ from course to course. This is also default if a price is not found. Prices are in US Dollars.

Number of Credits - If a specific number of credits are desired, use this search feature.

Start date/end date - The default date for members is the current date. However, the system will allow you to change this and search the previous 18 months. All courses held prior to the current date are free to view. Courses prior to 2016 are not found on this site.

Saved / I Attended this course - Found on each course, this feature allows users to store a course they have interest in or have already attended. These stored courses may be retrieved beneath ‘Welcome back’ in ‘My Account' under the appropriate heading.

Instructions for CE Providers

This site is designed to direct dental providers to your website. If you would like to claim a CE Provider profile, see the list of providers with courses already on our site. Claiming this provider profile will give you continued access to already discovered courses. After approval, we will email you the access credentials to your CE Provider profile.

Please make your entries as accurate as possible. Our research has found that dental providers tend to ignore courses with inaccurate information.  See our complete instructions for entering your courses on Dental CE Network.

Courses will be deleted and denial of use will be given if inappropriate information, words, or content are placed in the course, links to incorrect or inappropriate websites are used, incorrect addresses are used, etc. (See Terms of Use)

Spelling is important.

Duplicate entries will be deleted.

Dental Societies with State Associations: Please register regional societies of state dental associations/societies like the following example - Second District Dental Society of New York - NYSDA - NY.  This allows dental societies to be searchable by the state dental association and the state abbreviations.  It also gives clarity to the provider.  

Outside United States: A majority of our dental professionals are based in the United States. Although we’ve seen increased use in Canada. Please use the term "Outside United States: Country” with the appropriate country or territory in the description. This also includes cruises or specific vacation type ce courses.  This gives dental professionals a quick way to search courses in other countries.

Conventions:  If you are a speaker attending a convention, that course information is under the direction of the organizers of that convention. This ensures proper ‘Approved by’ status in the entry. If the organizers have yet to place a convention, please email us so we may contact them about Dental CE Network.

Recognized status:  Each provider can be assigned an approval status.   When a CE Provider requests a recognition status, we will check with the websites of the following organizations: 

  • American Dental Association - CERP list of providers
  • Academy of General Dentistry - PACE list of providers
  • State Association - Must be found on the state or province website
  • University - Must be found on a dental university website
  • Other - Any course not approved by the above organizations. State licensing programs still may approve these courses. Please check with individual government licensing requirements.

We are willing to increase this list based on interest.

Website link:  The website link to your site will be found in the title of the course.  If you do not have a website, place contact information in the description.

  • If you have any other questions, please contact us so that we may assist you. Please allow us 24 hrs to respond.


We are working to update the site to the needs and desires of our users. Use the contact form to tell us about features you wish to have implemented on this site. Feel free to let us know how we can improve your experience. Below are future upgrades to the website that are currently under development.

Refund Policy:

If you are unhappy with our service, please let us know.  We would like to accommodate you.  Please inform us about updates you would like to see implimented to improve your experience with Dental CE Network.  You may contact us at or at 1-385-831-0711.  Our Refund Policy gives you 24 hrs to cancel your membership.   Dental CE Network changes constantly which is why your membership lasts an entire year.  It is a platform for CE providers to centralize dental continuing education and is dependent upon the participation of CE Providers.  Dental CE Network is actively recruiting CE providers daily to increase the amount of information available to our dental professionals.

To be eligible for a refund, we require a receipt or proof of purchase when you registered.  This was sent to the email address you provided.  If not found, please check your bulk or junk mailbox.  

Late or missing refunds (if applicable):  If approved, then your refund will be processed, and a credit will automatically be applied to your credit card or original method of payment, within 14 calendar days.  If you haven't received a refund yet, first check with your banking institution.  Then contact your credit card company, it may take some time before your refund is officially posted.  If you have done all of this and you still have not received your refund yet, please contact us at

Scheduled Updates:

CE Providers:
Easier uploading of repeat courses.
Customizable pages telling dental providers more about the provider’s services.
Change pictures and icons to an approved picture of the provider’s choice or their own picture.

Dental Professional Members:
Remind me option: schedule a reminder about a future ce course and gain the ability to get an alert about a new course near you.